Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Often ill child – what to do?

If the SARS at the child happens 6-8 times a year – it is not terrible. If is more often, pass complex inspection. Ask the pediatrician to appoint the general and biochemical blood test, urine, to an immunogramm, ultrasonography of abdominal organs.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

How immunity of the child is formed?

What is immunity?
Immunity (Latin of immunitas — release, disposal of something) is an ability of immune system to struggle with the most different, alien objects for an organism: viruses, bacteria, toxic agents of a vegetable or animal origin, the elementary microorganisms, mushrooms, allergens. Besides, "strangers" also own cells of the person which underwent changes for one reason or another, for example, cancer admit.

Flu at the child: symptoms and treatment

Flu at the child: symptoms and treatment

Mass distribution of a virus of flu among children and adults has seasonal nature, and it is known to all. The modern medicine has enough means in the arsenal to minimize negative consequences of this disease.

Flu symptoms at the child
Flu is transmitted in the airborne way from the infected person to healthy, but symptoms of an illness are shown not at once.

The incubatory period can last from 2 hours to 3 days and at this time, as a rule, disturbs nothing the kid though the easy indisposition can appear almost at once.

After that flu begins to prove in all "beauty". At the child appears:

·         Slackness
·         Weakness
·         Drowsiness
·         Morbidity in muscles and joints
·         Temperature increase of a body
·         Allocations of their nose and eye
At first temperature can be not really high – 37-38 degrees, but also sharp increases are possible. After 3 days of an illness the quantity of viruses in the child's organism usually decreases, however bacteria begin to breed. Cough is added to symptoms, allocations from a nose get thick. Depends on the correct treatment and work of immune system of the kid how long will be this period and as quickly there will come recovery.

Symptoms of flu and many other viral diseases are similar – only the analysis can confirm the diagnosis for 100%!

Treatment of flu

I will tell about prevention measures in separate article. But what to do if your kid caught flu? Of course, first of all it is necessary to call the doctor!